Nichols Bros. Dry Cast Sandstone Planters & Fountains

Nichols Bros. Dry Cast Sandstone Planters & Fountains

Nichols Bros. Stoneworks has been manufacturing the highest quality reconstituted stone planters for almost 20 years. Nichols Bros. Stoneworks makes superb sandstone containers and garden ornaments in both traditional and contemporary designs.

We at Nichols Bros. Stoneworks are constantly adding new sizes and styles to expand our line of planters. The urns and ornaments that we hand craft are equally at home in commercial settings, municipal projects, malls, or adding a touch of elegance to a family home.

Exquisite as they are in style and design, Nichols Bros. Stoneworks’ planters are crafted to function beautifully as well. In Europe, dry cast stone has been around for centuries and has proven to be a quality, durable and most attractive alternative to other materials such as terra cotta, clay, fiberglass and plastic. The nature of cast stone gives it a number of advantages for use in garden and architectural applications. The long lasting beauty of Nichols Bros. Stoneworks containers has resulted in our products being utilized in hundreds of noteworthy installations i.e.; the Disneyland Hotel, Ritz Carlton Hotel, the Trump Hotel and Casino, Bill Gates’ residence, the Mirage and Bellagio Hotels, Nordstom stores and the Whistler Resort to name a few.

Nichols Bros. Stoneworks hand casts these planters in Snohomish, WA. USA using centuries old dry casting techniques combined with modern technology and ingredients to increase strength and durability.

“Over two decades of experience has enabled Nichols Bros. Stoneworks to experiment with mix designs and curing methods to give our stone greatly improved tensile and compressive strength. We also reinforce our larger planters with galvanized aircraft cable to prevent cracking. These enhancements allow Nichols Bros. Stoneworks to offer a 10-year warranty against product failure.”

Our wide range of products is available in five standard colors. Custom colors are available for a 20% upcharge.

Many of Nichols Bros. Stoneworks’ planters can be adapted for use as fountains or fire features. This can easily be done with pre-production modifications and post production sealing and curing.