Frank Lloyd Wright Statuary, Cast Stone & Dry Cast Sandstone

Frank Lloyd Wright Statuary, Cast Stone & Dry Cast Sandstone

For over 10 years Nichols Bros. Stoneworks has been producing Frank Lloyd Wright designed statuary and household items, incorporating the timeless designs and patterns of the nations foremost architect. With the exclusive authorization of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Nichols Bros. Stoneworks has created over 30 items to enhance the home, office, garden or patio.

Each of these pieces is hand cast from materials Frank Lloyd Wright loved to design with, concrete and cast stone. The most popular and familiar statuary item is the Midway Gardens Sprite. Full Size replicas of the originals are available in two styles, Sprite and Sprite with Baton, and these replicas are cast in sandstone.

Nichols Bros. Stoneworks also manufactures two 31” tall replicas of the Midway Garden Sprites made of concrete. They have an accompanying pedestal making the complete assembly 42” tall. Additionally, Nichols Bros. Stoneworks offers a mini or tabletop version of this very popular statue. Nichols Bros. Stoneworks also produces the Nakoma and Nakomis statues designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for a country club in Wisconsin. Honoring the Winnebago tribe, these timeless statues represent the great values of the Native American people. Hand packed in two styles and two sizes, these are dry cast items.

Since 1997 the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation has authorized Nichols Bros. Stoneworks, exclusively, to produce a line of planters, garden ornaments, statues, plaques, lanterns and bookends for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation®.

A large variety of items featuring the classic geometric patterns Frank Lloyd Wright utilized in his California Block House designs are also available. Nichols Bros. Stoneworks produces these intricate patterns in lanterns, bookends and stepping-stones. Three representations of the Richard Bock designed Boulder Man sculpture, featured at Frank Lloyd Wright’s studio, are produced by Nichols Bros. Stoneworks. They are a garden statue, a pair of bookends and a paperweight. Nichols Bros. Stoneworks also produces a line of inspirational plaques, taken from the Larkin Administration building in Buffalo, NY.

All of these Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation® products are manufactured in Snohomish, WA USA, under the authorization of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Taliesin West, Scottsdale, AZ. Nichols Bros Stoneworks’ experience and extreme focus on quality enables our craftsmen to create Frank Lloyd Wright reproductions that are precisely accurate in every detail. A portion of the sale of these products supports the conservation and education programs of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. For further information see

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