Terms and Conditions


All items are shown with retail prices including crating necessary for shipping. Discounts are available to the trade and will be reflected on your price list, if applicable. Prices are F.O.B. Snohomish, Washington.


In most cases a 50% deposit is required to initiate orders, with the balance due before delivery. Customers with a long-term relationship with Nichols Bros. Stoneworks may apply for special terms, granted at Stoneworks’ discretion. Custom orders require 100% payment for mold work, and 50% for casting costs. We accept all major credit cards.

Order Procedures

We ask that all orders be confirmed in writing to avoid errors and or duplication. Upon receipt of deposit a sales order will be generated by Nichols Bros. Stoneworks and will act as the order confirmation and begin production. At this point no changes can be made without Stoneworks’ written approval, as all products are made to order.
Any order cancellations made after production has begun will be subject to a 25% restocking fee. Any order cancellations on custom orders will be charged a 100% restocking fee.

Production Time

Based on the individual order, an estimate of production time will be quoted. We make every effort to keep our lead-times to a minimum. For most orders a lead-time of 2-3 weeks from order date to ship date can be expected. This is because our pieces need 10 days curing time after casting to achieve the strength to withstand shipping conditions. On large quantity orders, or those requiring custom mold work, our lead-time is typically 4-6 weeks.


All shipments are freight prepaid unless other arrangements are agreed to by Nichols Bros. Stoneworks. We have> negotiated very favorable freight rates with several carriers, and, at our discretion, select the best method and carrier for shipping. All merchandise is carefully inspected prior to packaging and again when given to the carrier. At that point the carrier assumes responsibility for safe delivery. When delivered, it is the obligation of the recipient to inspect the condition of the shipment for signs of damage. All apparent shipping damage or shortages must be noted on the delivery receipt.
The purchaser must report any shipping damage/shortage to the carrier within five days. Nichols Bros. Stoneworks should be contacted for filing and handling of the claim. Many shipments require a lift gate equipped trailer, and notification of the delivery. This information should be conveyed to Stoneworks at the time of ordering. Some of our larger pieces require a forklift for unloading and it is the responsibility of the customer receiving the product to arrange for such equipment.

Installation and Maintenance

Proper installation is very important in allowing our containers and garden ornaments to perform as designed. The pieces are heavy and a solid, level surface is required for most installations. Though these items are heavy and durable, they have an aspect of fragility to them, especially the corners and sharp edges. Pry bars, hand trucks, tools and chains must be very carefully employed.
A very important factor in planter performance is drainage. Our planters are made with drain holes and they must be utilized.
With every order we ship installation instructions and small rubber squares to act as spacers or pot feet. These are to lift the bottom of the planter 1/4” – 3/8” off the ground to allow proper drainage. If water is allowed to collect in the container it can lead to efflorescence and in extreme cases of ice buildup, can cause the planter to crack.
We now manufacture saucers to match most of our planter line, and they are an effective way to both insure proper drainage and prevent unsightly runoff.
For multiple piece planters it is recommended to secure the base of the planter to the bowl with an epoxy, caulk or waterproof masonry mortar. This will prevent water from draining down the outside of the base and discoloring it.
All of our cast stone pieces will age and patina much like cut sandstone. For those who desire this effect, do nothing, and the natural moss and lichen will make your garden ornaments look like family heirlooms in just a few years. Others wishing to keep a new look can wash them with a water/bleach or a water/muriatic acid solution. These should be applied very carefully so as to not “burn” the surface of the piece. Pressure washing can also be an effective cleaning method, but again care should be taken so as not to damage the surface of the stone.


Because of our improved mix design and integral reinforcing, we offer a 10-year limited warranty on our dry cast stone products. The warranty is limited to manufacturers defects and does not cover damage from mishandling, collision or other misuse. In the event of a warranty claim, Stoneworks’ liability shall be limited to the value of the pieces covered. Nichols Bros. Stoneworks shall have the option to replace such covered pieces if it chooses.
In many cases of minor damage, repair of the item can be effective. We are able to send a patch kit, with simple instructions, allowing many damaged pieces to be repaired.

Fountains and Fire Features

It has become very popular to utilize many of our designs as fountains or as fire features. This can be done if proper measures are taken. For fountains, we prefer to use a slightly denser mix design when we cast the piece. It is also preferable to adapt the drain holes to accommodate the necessary inflow and outflow. This involves casting the plumbing connections into the piece.
After casting we seal the fountain pieces with three coats of a custom blend sealer. Because of this sealing process, an extra week or two lead-time is customary with fountain orders.
Fire features have different requirements. Our cast stone material cannot handle the heat generated by a wood or charcoal fire. It will form cracks. Natural gas or propane is the only acceptable source of flame for these elements. Even then, it is necessary to direct the flame away from the stone and limit the amount of actual heat. When installed in this manner, several of our planters make for a beautiful fire feature. As with the fountains, it is desirable to make the modifications> necessary to adapt fire features prior to casting. This saves drilling and patching later, and gives a much cleaner look.
Because we cannot control the installation and conditions of use for fire features, our standard 10-year warranty does not
apply to such usage.


Cast stone is a concrete based building material manufactured and molded to simulate natural cut stone. Our dry cast products are made from zero slump concrete, using the Vibrant Tamp Method, in a rigid mold, until it is densely compacted.
The raw materials used in our product are Portland cement, Type I, white or gray, multi-sized aggregates of manufactured or natural sand, inorganic iron oxide pigments (when required for coloring), approved admixes (poly-plex and glass fibers) and water. All of our mix designs meet with the standard specifications of the Cast Stone Institute for architectural cast stone.
In our mid-size and larger pieces we reinforce each casting with galvanized aircraft cable. Flat surfaces and rings are reinforced with rebar or non-ferrous pipe.

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